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Evnroll Putter - with the revolutionary grooves


Evnroll Putter - with the revolutionary grooves

The Evnroll putters offer unprecedented precision. Who and what is behind the new technology?

20 years ago, Guerin Rife was the first designer to develop putters with grooves, so-called "grooves". The idea behind it: a softer feel and a small reduction in energy for a smoother roll. After initial skepticism, this concept is now used by almost all major putter manufacturers.

However, the evenly arranged grooves could not solve a fundamental problem: A ball that is not hit with millimeter precision in the middle of the hitting surface (sweet spot) loses energy (and therefore rolls shorter) and also deviates from the planned putt line to the left or right. right. Even a slight off-center hit leads to a shifted putt. And not even the pros on the tour are able to consistently hit every putt in the sweet spot!



SeeMore Putter

SeeMore offers two extremely helpful technologies with the Rifle Scope Technology (RST) and the special "Face Balanced in Impact" weighting. Test SeeMore putters at our Klosters Golf Club Indoor Fitting Studio and contact Simon Hilton SPi SeeMore Putter Institute Certified for a fitting.



Hilton Golf offers a ‘Grip Service’ professional and quick.

Members and guests of the Golf Club Klosters, benefit from a 10% discount on a complete set. Simon recommends Lamkin golf and putter grips.

Let me advise you on which grip size fits your hand.

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Ask for an individual offer at simon@hiltongolf.ch

Simon Hilton

Simon has over forty years of experience as a golf professional, and during that time he has passionately focused on his career, training and coaching golf players.

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