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Best Japanese quality at the Golf Academy Klosters/Switzerland

ONOFF is a traditional golf brand "made in Japan" - with latest technologies, precise workmanship, the highest quality and a long tradition characterize ONOFF.

ONOFF's golf club production emerged from Daiwa's decades-long tradition, when the group also separated the "angling" and "golf" divisions in terms of branding.

ONOFF can draw on over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of uppers; Japan's blacksmithing is also legendary in the West. The best prerequisites for manufacturing golf clubs of the highest quality and timeless elegance, golf clubs that impress with both their performance and their stylish look.

Being an ONOFF ambassador at the Klosters Golf Academy is simply a pleasure to be able to present this top-quality golf club to my students and golfers from the region. We have the whole ONOFF series to try and test. Sign up for an ONOFF club to test yourself, or an individual ONOFF fitting and consultation.

Simon Hilton

Simon has over forty years of experience as a golf professional, and during that time he has passionately focused on his career, training and coaching golf players.

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