Putting Matters Bad Ragaz

Putting Matters Studio in Bad Ragaz

Putting Matters Bad Ragaz
Putting Matters Studio in Bad Ragaz

Since 1st January 2024 I have opened the 'Putting Matters' studio in Bad Ragaz. The 'Putting Matters' studio, it’s location is ideal and quickly accessible by either car or train and has private parking.

I have gained my experience with putting over many years with enormous interest and passion, in addition to learning from the world's best putting coaches. As all golfers already know, about 40% of all strokes on the golf round are made with the putter, under the motto, better putting = better scores.

My putting philosophy

Every golfer is unique. My goal is to help each individual figure out how to become a better putter.
When we examine the technique of the best putters in the world, we find certain principles that are crucial, some that are beneficial, and others that are purely aesthetic. What they all have in common, however, is the exceptional ability to control both direction and speed. Allow me to help you understand the key principles that will lead to significant improvements in your technique, which in turn will lead to more consistent execution on the golf course.
I have been involved with Aimpoint Green Reading for quite some time and I am pleased to be the only Aimpoint Level II Instructor in Switzerland to teach golfers of all levels the highly rated system.
The Putting Studio is the best place to learn all the skills needed to improve your putting. It has a large putting green with a built-in slope, making it ideal for learning and practicing Aimpoint Express Green reading throughout the year. In addition, there is a flat putting area to learn the other putting skills, and together with the equipment from SamPutt Lab and Capto Golf we can analyze the putting movement precisely and make the necessary improvements.

Putter fitting should not be underestimated, it is very important that the putter fits the player. Putting Fittings are highly recommended and can be carried out on the spot if required to fit your current putter or to try a new putter from our wide range. Putters can be fitted on the spot and you will also find a wide range of putter grips to choose from.

I look forward to your visit, for an appointment, you can book here:
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Simon Hilton Putting Matters
Eschenstrasse 17
7310 Bad Ragaz

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+41 79 2388778

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