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Golf Coaching



This programme is for aspirant young golfers who are still at school but keen on advancing their games with expert tuition in golf technique; in conjunction with personalized physical and mental skills programmes.  Students are welcome to join the KeNako Academy in any year, preferably before commencing Grade 10.  Their hope and ambition is the possibility of pursuing a career in golf.  The after school programme is entirely golf focused but education remains a primary objective, with students attending the Cambridge International Rundle College in George.  Students board at the KeNako Academy and adhere to a structured and disciplined daily routine.


'A one year program that includes more than just Golf'                                                  

Golf as a potential career or Golf as recreation whilst studying or deciding what to study The golf program offers young golfers the environment to explore his/her opportunities in golf, be it professional or recreational. The game of golf lends itself to enhancing life skills - including aspects such as discipline, social skills, planning, management, personal responsibility and many other benefits and skills which are essential as they enter their new phase in life.

THE PROGRAM INCLUDES                                                                                              

Technical golf tuition including assessments, video analysis and course management

Physical Training program

Mental Skills

Visual Performance Skills Training

High quality mentors

Disciplined environment and life skills

Transquil and safe surrounds

Membership at 2 top golf courses in the Garden route

Community service and other business exposure

Accommodation & meals (during 4 terms only)

Housekeeping & Laundry


PGA Diploma ( 3year course )                                                                                  

Study opportunities with NMMU or selected other courses;                                    

Outdoor activities including beaches, running, cycling, mountaineering, horse riding, water  sports. Numerous 36 Hole Tournaments.

For further information on the School Leavers Program call 044-8740370 or +41-792388778 - E-Mail - Ron Boon or Simon Hilton